Lauren Spindle


Small But Mighty - Series

My parent’s farm is our place of retreat and adventure. Each morning when I head out the farmhouse door while staying there I make sure #1- mud boots are on and #2- check for my trusty camera on my hip.

These delicate 4 x 4” acrylic and ink paintings are inspired from photos I’ve taken over the years at my parents farm. I enjoy being around cattle, they are so large, so elegant in form and movement. Yes, sometimes their mooing sounds like dinosaur noises, but I always feel amazed each time I am around such big and powerful friends. My dad is incredibly proud of his herd, as he should be. I wanted to create this series of paintings to capture some of the peace and beauty that is found in this special place.

It is enjoyable capturing such large creatures on these smaller canvases. Small but Mighty, indeed!

Lauren Spindle