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Dream Luxe Farm Stay - Evergreen Acres Farm, Bainbridge Island
Our home for the weekend!   Dream Farm Luxe    guesthouse

Our home for the weekend! Dream Farm Luxe guesthouse

Earlier this spring, I happened upon a lovely and intriguing Instagram account by Misha (@farmluxe) from Evergreen Acres Farm in the Pacific Northwest. Scrolling through IG a few days later I noticed she had announced a giveaway contest for a two night Farm Stay in the guesthouse on their farm! I couldn’t contain my excitement, so I showed my husband and asked him if it was okay for me to enter.  WE HAD TO ENTER this giveaway. I mean, what if we won? 

After our entry was submitted we waited and tried not peek too much as votes came in. A few days later I received a message from Misha that the votes had been counted, and my entry had won! WOW!! You see, I have dreamed about visiting the Pacific Northwest for as long as I can remember, and this farm stay gave us the perfect reason for my husband and I to pack our bags, send our boys to the grandparents, and hop on a plane (or two …and a ferry!) to Bainbridge Island, Washington. We enjoyed planning our trip and researching all the places we wanted to go on the island. It was such an honor to be chosen as the winner, thank you to every one who voted for my painting!

Icelandic Sheep Painting

My watercolor painting recreation of one of @farmluxe ‘s photos - this entry won the giveaway contest!


Guesthouse exterior - overlooking a pasture with grazing Icelandic Sheep. The “baa” they make is hilarious.


My new herd of friends!! The Evergreen Acres goats had us cracking up and hopefully convinced my husband that we need goats at our Spindle farm as well.

There are more images below of our stay - the gorgeous guest house, Evergreen Acre’s garden goods, sketches of their pets, and us relaxing with (and sometimes running from) the herd.


Ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island.


The next morning we made breakfast, said hello to the sheep outside, and headed out to explore Bainbridge.


My newest favorite store. EVER. Bay Hay and Feed . This sweet nursery & farm store has everything you need. Unique gifts, apparel, delicious treats, and even baby chickens! Can I work here?

We ventured in to the heart of Bainbridge, adorned with sweet little coffee houses, bakeries, restaurants, galleries, and shops galore. We admired artwork in the Bainbridge Museum of Art, grabbed coffee at Pegasus Coffee House, bought a hat for Preston, snagged some baked goods from Blackbird Bakery, and watched as the locals got their boats ready for a sunny day at sea. We saw signs for the local farmer’s market and followed the music until we made our way there.

Pegasus Coffee

Food truck picnic at the Bainbridge Farmer’s Market - Clara’s Wok N Roll. THIS WAS DELICIOUS.

Next on our adventure list - The Bloedel Reserve


Mother’s Day Breakfast before driving to Hurricane Hill Trail at Olympic National Park


Preston above the clouds! Spectacular view.


So sad to leave!

We can’t thank Misha and the rest of the family of Evergreen Acres Farm enough for generously allowing us to stay the weekend on their beautiful farm! This adventure was such a blessing to us and a trip we will not soon forget. THANK YOU!!!


Dinner in Seattle - and the Seattle Gum Wall, dinner at Von’s 1000 Spirits

We made our way to the airport the next morning and we were so glad to hug those little Spindles of ours! We missed our boy tribe.


I’ll leave you with this photo of Preston with his new best friends! Such a good time at Evergreen Acres Farm.

Lauren Spindle
Spring & Easter Painted Rocks

When my mother-in-love sent me a text message asking me for some custom Spring & Easter painted rocks … I have to say I got a little bit excited. She needed these painted rocks as prizes for my brother-in-law’s upcoming springtime wedding! Apparently we will all be playing BINGO at their rehearsal dinner and these rocks will be a few of the prizes. I painted some St. Patrick’s stones and cartoon bunnies but these are my favorite. Nothing beats watercolor flowers on rocks!? Right?!

Watercolor paint on rocks, poppies, pansies, and delicate spring flowers all sealed with a shiny gloss.

Watercolor paint on rocks, poppies, pansies, and delicate spring flowers all sealed with a shiny gloss.

I gathered a few things from my art arsenal and got to work! But how do you paint watercolor on rocks that you spray paint? Aren’t they too slick to have watercolor stay? YES, they were.

Supplies for painted spring time Easter rocks

Supplies for painted spring time Easter rocks

Find some river rocks! A river or Lowe’s will work. Clean them, let them dry, then spray paint those stones the base color you want ( I chose Ivory paint and primer by Rust-o-leum.) After the spray paint has completely dried, I painted one layer of BASIC acrylic white gesso on the surface area I would be wanting to use watercolor paints on.

The gesso works like magic! That layer easily absorbs watercolor paint almost like a thin paper. Paint your design (I chose spring time flowers) and let them dry.

Once the watercolor is dry and you are completely happy with them it is time to apply the final sealant to help protect your hard work.

I use Krylon clear coat (triple thick gloss) as sealant for my rocks and the design has stayed on well. I’ve re-applied now and then on rocks that live outside and get weathered from the…weather …and all the little boys that live here! Of course nothing keeps your rocks in perfect condition like leaving them inside :)

Lauren Spindle
Farm Animal Watercolor Paintings - 4 x 6"

This spring I was inspired to create a series of small, affordable watercolor paintings made available on my Etsy shop. Each piece is painted with watercolors on 4 x 6 inch watercolor paper. These sweet pieces just make me smile and look adorable framed on a desk or in a bookshelf.

Lauren Spindle
Boxwood Avenue Goats

I just love following along with the adventures of Chloe from Boxwood Avenue. I have always wanted to paint her adorable goats so I finally found a few free moments and decided to go for it! When the paintings were done I let out a happy “eeek!” because I found them so cute. I hope you enjoy them too and check out the amazing things going on over on Boxwood Avenue.

Lauren Spindle
Farm Sketch Friday

I recently started a weekly giveaway called #farmsketchfriday on Instagram - find me @laurenspindleart

To enter in the giveaway I asked for my Instagram friends to submit a few photos of their farm animals by tagging me in them and picked one or two each Friday to paint and send to them.

It has been such a joy to create original works of art for farmers and homesteaders. Below I will post a few of my finished pieces! I hope you enjoy them.

Lauren Spindle
Nasturtiums, Cosmos, Black Eyed Susan on Canvas

24 x 24 “ Acrylic, charcoal pencil, and Ink on gallery wrapped canvas.

These dark winter days have me dreaming of summertime and all my favorite flowers we grow in our garden. I created a piece to remind me of those plants that I have been missing during these winter months. This piece lights up any room you place it in with a delicate breath of fresh air and hints of green and orange. I just love it.

Lauren Spindle
Goat Ladies & Gentlemen

This Christmas season was my first time to paint a few friendly goats! I thought cows were fun to paint, but goats with their little noses and goat lips are pretty enjoyable too. I have been so inspired the homesteaders I follow on Instagram and their furry friends, I reached out to a few of them I admired and asked if I could paint their goats. I painted the portraits on wooden canvases, the canvases had a very slick surface so I had to paint a thin layer of acrylic first so I was able to layer my paint on after that. I think the finished paintings turned out delightful. A few of the portraits had a touch of Christmas flowers for their ears. What do you think?

Goat portrait

Littlest Spindle man just has to be a part of the photo taking process, he won’t have it any other way!


Ahhh goat friends. I remember when my Aunt Judy owned goats when I was a little girl. One of the goats really did not like my dad and would always chase him. We thought it was hilarious, I think my dad feared for his life.

Lauren Spindle
Some Progress

Painting for my Dad.


My parents moved this summer and found some giant canvases from my high school art days in their attic. They brought them to me and my dad mentioned he needed some cow paintings from me for ALL the walls in his new office! Oh dad, I love him and that is exactly what I want to do for him. I want to fill his office walls with his cows. Perhaps he will feel like he is on his ranch when he can glance at his paintings in between work and thoughts and know that he is loved…loved by me AND his cows! I started creating this piece a few months back, then commission requests starting rolling in for Christmas. I was happy to take small breaks in commission paintings to work on this for my amazing father. I haven’t finished it for Christmas which is what I was hoping, but every time I walk in to our art room and see it I cannot wait to get back to painting this piece. I’ll keep you updated blog world, one day..this painting will be done! Love you, Dad.

Lauren Spindle
Small But Mighty - Series

My parent’s farm is our place of retreat and adventure. Each morning when I head out the farmhouse door while staying there I make sure #1- mud boots are on and #2- check for my trusty camera on my hip.

These delicate 4 x 4” acrylic and ink paintings are inspired from photos I’ve taken over the years at my parents farm. I enjoy being around cattle, they are so large, so elegant in form and movement. Yes, sometimes their mooing sounds like dinosaur noises, but I always feel amazed each time I am around such big and powerful friends. My dad is incredibly proud of his herd, as he should be. I wanted to create this series of paintings to capture some of the peace and beauty that is found in this special place.

It is enjoyable capturing such large creatures on these smaller canvases. Small but Mighty, indeed!

Lauren Spindle