Lauren Spindle


Goat Ladies & Gentlemen

This Christmas season was my first time to paint a few friendly goats! I thought cows were fun to paint, but goats with their little noses and goat lips are pretty enjoyable too. I have been so inspired the homesteaders I follow on Instagram and their furry friends, I reached out to a few of them I admired and asked if I could paint their goats. I painted the portraits on wooden canvases, the canvases had a very slick surface so I had to paint a thin layer of acrylic first so I was able to layer my paint on after that. I think the finished paintings turned out delightful. A few of the portraits had a touch of Christmas flowers for their ears. What do you think?

Goat portrait

Littlest Spindle man just has to be a part of the photo taking process, he won’t have it any other way!


Ahhh goat friends. I remember when my Aunt Judy owned goats when I was a little girl. One of the goats really did not like my dad and would always chase him. We thought it was hilarious, I think my dad feared for his life.

Lauren Spindle