Lauren Spindle


Some Progress

Painting for my Dad.


My parents moved this summer and found some giant canvases from my high school art days in their attic. They brought them to me and my dad mentioned he needed some cow paintings from me for ALL the walls in his new office! Oh dad, I love him and that is exactly what I want to do for him. I want to fill his office walls with his cows. Perhaps he will feel like he is on his ranch when he can glance at his paintings in between work and thoughts and know that he is loved…loved by me AND his cows! I started creating this piece a few months back, then commission requests starting rolling in for Christmas. I was happy to take small breaks in commission paintings to work on this for my amazing father. I haven’t finished it for Christmas which is what I was hoping, but every time I walk in to our art room and see it I cannot wait to get back to painting this piece. I’ll keep you updated blog world, one day..this painting will be done! Love you, Dad.

Lauren Spindle